Curious Even Frustrated With Your Own And Others’ SPEED And QUALITY OF DECISION MAKING, RESPONSES And GROWTH?

The reason you feel this way could be because of differences, in the depth, pace, and approach to how you and others process information

Active And Reflective Processing

delve into...


Even Though You Respect And Understand People...

Your Patience...

runs dry with individuals who take their sweet time in responding to you, like they never even heard you, or are ignoring you. Then their answers require focus and time, fueling the frustration.

Active and Reflective Processing

It's Hard Work...

interacting with individuals who quickly shoot back answers to your questions without much thought, requiring you to go over what you said again—where you might even get to the point of saying 'don't worry about it'

Active and reflective processing

Either way, your energy is...

drained—whether you're waiting for the person who needs time to process, requiring patience as you wait them out, or you're exhausted trying to keep up with the person who goes at 90 miles an hour.

I Hear You!

BUT - The impact of being reflective or active in their processing isn't limited to others alone

did you know...

your preferred way of processing information significantly influences your personal growth and how effectively and quickly you address areas for healing, integration, and growth

additionally, it affects your ability to navigate and work through emotions, make decisions that align with what is right for you, your thoroughness in problem-solving, and whether you get bogged down or need to revisit your processing


seeking to enhance your decision-making abilities, understand your unique processing style, and leverage it for personal and professional growth…

keen on developing essential steps to support others’ processing approaches, enabling more effective collaboration and responses where people can contribute both effectively and promptly…

Active and Reflective Processing And Me, Could Be Your Answer

Courses - UMAD Active and Reflective Processing And Me

Explore the power of quick decision-making alongside the richness of thoughtful contemplation

A Difference It Made For Me...

The day I posed a question to my partner about something that stirred intense emotions within me marked a profound and personal encounter with reflective processing.

Initially, his lack of immediate response triggered anxiety and a sense of being unheard, uncared for, and rejected—I felt like I didn’t matter. He generally is very expressive and responds immediately.

Little did I know…

I began seeking acknowledgment, asking him if he had heard me. His response was, ‘Minz, I am processing what you asked.’

It dawned on me that he was delving deep within himself, meticulously processing my question to provide a thoughtful and meaningful response.

The power of understanding and appreciating different processing styles.

Alan and Melinda

explore and experience…

the characteristics of an active and a reflective processor

the different motivations driving both the active and reflective processing approaches

how to identify an active processor and a reflective processor

the varied dynamics of the blended active and reflective approaches, and understand where they connect and disconnect

How to work with, connect to and approach an active and a reflective processor

your processing style, recognizing both your strengths and opportunities for growth

what you receive!

Valuable and powerful wisdom and insights packed into an adventure that will give you so many ‘aha’ moments

  • Develop quick and effective decision-making.
  • Cultivate a reflective mindset to deepen self-awareness and emotional intelligence.
  • Enhance problem-solving skills through a holistic processing approach.
  • Experience personal growth that aligns with your true self.
  • Build resilience and adaptability in the face of life’s challenges.

6 Modules For Active and Reflective Wisdom Integration

30+ Thought-Provoking Processing Videos

15 Processing Prowess Workbooks

Bonus Videos For Adventure Preparation

Access To The Course For The Lifetime Of The Course





If you haven’t explored this style of processing before, embarking on this journey will provide you with valuable insights and strategies applicable to both your personal life and interactions with others.

The ‘Active and Reflective Processing And Me’ course delves into decision-making, problem-solving speeds, and responses. It unveils what supports effective responses to your questions and identifies potential obstacles in your personal processing.

Gain information and insights that empower you to enhance collaboration and interaction at a more powerful level.

I encourage you to choose what feels right for you; it’s essential to make a decision that aligns with your needs and preferences.

The course presents information and approaches that I’m confident you haven’t encountered before. While some content may be familiar, it will be presented in a unique way.

ou will be guided to explore deeper levels of processing and receive support in unlocking the potential for developing both these processing styles within yourself.

This course is an opportunity for you to heighten your awareness of existing knowledge, apply approaches you may not have considered, and gain new distinctions and insights into both yourself and others

Yes. You can start, access and finish the course when you like.

You can always reach out and ask me questions.

Your purchase of the course provides you with access to the course online and the workbooks, for the lifetime of the course.

Whilst the course is still available online, you will receive access to it.

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Consideration of this is reflected in the price and the quality of the product provided.

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