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Come On An Adventure To Uncover And Express More Of The Potential Influence You Can Have In Your Interactions 

Create Deeper And More Meaningful Connections In Your Interactions By Simply Expressing More Of What is Natural To You

You Have The Opportunity To:

You Have The Opportunity To:

Expand your awareness and deepen your understanding as to:



To develop:

You Know

You Know

getting others to change how they communicate and interact with you, is possible, but more than often not probable. 

But you can create a space, where your approach and influence on people can result in them EXPERIENCING and FEELING accepted, understood, appreciated, valued, and respected by you. 

And in that space, they open up to you, share more with you and value you.

And what does it require for you to influence and facilitate this difference?

Understanding, accepting, discovering and consciously expressing more of you and what is natural to you.

Where talking and interacting with you feels familiar and maybe even safe at a level, because you see them, hear them and you get them.

Natural attributes, qualities, and abilities that you may not be utilizing, due to a lack of confidence, or unfamiliarity and you even may not know they are a part of you.


Being able to access more of this potential within you.

And being able to influence and experience more powerful, heartfelt, and soul-felt connections with people.

And What Have You Been Experiencing?

And What Have You Been Experiencing?


And you won’t give up, because YOUR ‘KNOWING’ IS DRIVING YOU, to keep moving forward and for you to discover how you can be more true to yourself and how you can approach, do and say things even more powerfully and differently because you know what is possible that you truly deserve in your interactions and relationships.

If you are excited and you can commit to completing a U Make a Difference course, and to providing feedback and input throughout and after you have completed the course, then come and and journey the UMAD Course Beta Launch adventure with me

Yes I Want To Be A Part Of The UMAD Course Beta Launch – USD $175

The Courses To Choose From

The Courses To Choose From

And When You Join The U Make a Difference Course Beta Launch

UMAD Behavioral Approaches And Me

DISC Behavioral Approaches And Me, introduces (and may even reintroduce) you to a powerful and simple tool for exploring and expanding your awareness of, and deepening your understanding of, yours and other people’s behaviors and approaches.

  1. Your preferred dominant behaviors and approaches 
  2. In what way and why you are different and similar in your approach to others
  3. The drivers and influencers behind each of the behavioral approaches
  4. How to identify each of the behavioral approaches
  5. The approaches that each DISC behavior responds to the most
  6. The areas for growth for each of the behavioral approaches
  7. How each of the behavioral approaches is natural to you, yet you may be conditioned in your preference and how you express them
  8. Where you have opportunities for growth, in how you can develop, and access more of your natural potential




Sensory Processing Styles And Me delves into and explores the different sensory processing ways in how you and others absorb, internally work through and communicate information and the impacts of this in your interactions.

  1. What your dominant and complementary sensory processing styles are
  2. How your preferred sensory processing style and styles influence three distinct ways that you process and work with information
  3. How your sensory processing style influences how you learn, how you understand things, and how you remember things
  4. The differences between the sensory processing styles and how they are interlinked and can complement each other
  5. How to identify and recognize each of the sensory processing styles
  6. The types of approaches that support each processing style so that they are receptive to and interactive with you
  7. How you were conditioned in your sensory processing style and what is natural to you
  8. Where you have opportunities for growth, in how you can develop, and access more of your natural potential with your sensory processing style
  • Your adventure spans eight modules journeying from exploring what is tangible, audible, and visible, to diving into the internal processes that influence and drive behaviors.
  • And workbooks are supplied, filled with activities for you to explore and information to refer to.
  • Your adventure journeys through nine modules.
  • There are workbooks for your exploration of the activities and information to refer to and refer back to.

What does being a UMAD Course Beta Launch Member involve?

What does being a UMAD Course Beta Launch Member involve?

DISC Behavioral Approaches And Me

I so get the power of understanding these processes.......

I so get the power of understanding these processes.......

I first was introduced to the DISC Model in my younger days when I was struggling with finding my way in the corporate world in being accepted, understood, and fitting in.

The DISC Model gave me insight into where I was at, how I came across to the world and what I needed to work on for my growth if I wanted to evolve, be more confident, and express more of my potential and capability with people. In a way, it gave me permission to express aspects of myself that I had been rejecting.

My journey led me into the world of training, where I got to see how the insight and understanding I had gained into behaviors and human processes, added huge value to what I did,  how I approached people, my acceptance of them, and how I delivered my courses.

I was fascinated with what made people different and similar in how they approached things, what they were interested in, what they focused on, and how they communicated and I wanted to work out the approaches I could take to connect with all the different people I got to interact with.

And wow did I go on a roller coaster of experiences to gain this insight. I certainly learned what works and what does not work with people, and why. Both in my personal (yes even my family) and my professional worlds.

The range of different people I got to interact with, who were different in their cultures, beliefs, emotional processing, position, economic situations, and health issues, gave me the gift of experiencing many uncomfortable, painful, embarrassing, and even potentially self-worth destroying situations with people. And these included relationship disconnections, vulnerability and anxiety, outcomes where I felt guilt and even anger, and also lots of interactions that just did not work out.  I also got to know so much about what is common to us, where there are differences, what they are and why. As well as some amazing connections, conversations, journeys, and experiences of growth.

I wanted to discover and develop myself, as well as understand and develop my ability to connect with everyone I met.

I was determined to not just know how to approach people but to truly know them at a deeper and broader level. Where knowing someone became an innate and natural process for me.

Through observing others and myself, being aware of peoples processes and processing, asking lots of questions, sensing, truly hearing and really seeing myself and others, I found my answers and what worked.

Who Is The UMAD Course Beta Launch For?

Who Is The UMAD Course Beta Launch For?

Soul Adventurers


who are committed to discovering more of who they truly are, expressing what is natural to them, and growing their ability to build more powerful connections with people


who want to be true people leaders, and understand human processes and processing, so they know the approaches that support the growth of themselves and others


who want to understand more about themselves, their children and their family, be more true to who they are and foster environments of natural growth and connection


who want to go deeper and broader in understanding the influence and impact they have on others and the processing of  people they work with

The more of you, you discover, the more of a difference u make

The more of you, you discover, the more of a difference u make

What I share in the courses I have created and am creating, are processes, insights and approaches that work, in growing your ability to identify and express more of what is natural to you, as well as your ability to identify another person’s preferred way of being and how to approach and interact with them , so that you create connection and not at your expense. And the processes are simple and easy to apply.

Approaches I have spent over twenty-five years applying to myself, and the people in my life.

  • Processes I have trained parents, employers, managers, facilitators, coaches, mentors and my own employees in.
  • Processes and approaches that have made a difference for the people who embraced them and worked with them, in their acceptance of themselves and in how they expressed themselves.
  • Processes that gave individuals insight into their partner, their children, friends, and work colleagues.
  • Processes and approaches that empowered individuals, strengthened their confidence and guided them as to the changes they needed to make for their interactions to happen with greater ease naturalness, and openness.

Their parenting became more connected, understanding, and supportive.

Their leadership became more influential, effective, and powerful.

Their relationships became more understanding, respectful and transparent.

And the growth in their confidence and ability to encourage and support the growth of other people, became more natural.

You can experience interactions and relationships where truth can be shared with respect, where people can be valued and understood and where deeper and more meaningful sharing can happen. And you can make this happen.

DISC Behavioral Approaches And Me

You might be thinking and pondering on......

You might be thinking and pondering on......

What am I going to gain and learn from the course given that I have explored Myers Briggs and many other behavioral models?
Well you may learn and gain nothing
However, after more than twenty-five years of working with these processes, I still get distinctions and discover new things about me and others, and what a great indicator that is of what is possible
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You can learn, be exposed to, and explore something, and only take in so much of it, at the time you were exposed to it.

You absorbed the information that was relevant to you at the time. Yet you are not that person anymore, as you have grown, circumstances have changed, and you will see and hear things differently.

So you are likely to pick up on, absorb and process different distinctions and elements of the information. Information that is relevant to you now, that was not relevant previously.

How the UMAD programs are structured and what they explore may introduce you to new information, and new processes , and it could even be a new experience for you too.

So reflect on the following……


If you have been exposed to these processes before, then:


  • How long has it been since you were consciously applying them in your interactions?
  • What were the areas you identified for your growth and what did you do about them?
  • What are some of the behaviors that others express that are frustrating and annoying you and why?
  • Are there aspects of your interactions with people, that you know you can improve, enhance, change and develop?
  • How naturally do you know the approach to take with people, so that you connect with them in the way that they process?
  • Do you still have aspects of you that you want to understand and know more about?
  • Do you know where you are conditioned in your behaviors and approaches as opposed to expressing what is natural to you?

Questions that need answering......

Questions that need answering......

You will love the course or courses you journey on. especially if you journey them with curiosity to understand more about yourself. You will gain so much insight into you and other people, and have a number of ‘ah ha’ moments. And you can keep referring to the videos and the workbooks to continue exploring and absorbing.

There is information and approaches in the courses that I know you will not have come across before. And the information that is familiar, well it is an opportunity to be more aware of what you do know, to apply the approaches you have not applied, to get distinctions and further insights into yourself and others. You never know what you may discover when you are open to doing so.

Your purchase of the course or courses, provides you with access to the course on line and the workbooks, for the lifetime of the course. This means that whilst the course is still available on line, you will receive access to it. You will also have access to any updates to the course. And if circumstances change that impact the lifetime of the course you will be provided with notice of the changes.

If  circumstances arise that impact your ability to complete the course within the required timeframe for the UMAD Course Beta Launch, please notify me asap. You will still continue to have access to the course for the lifetime of the course. However you will not receive the additional course, as the requirement for receiving this gift is that you complete the course within the required timeframe. I still would appreciate you providing me with feedback and a testimonial upon you completing the course. 

If the question or questions relate to the course, and you have covered the content relating to the question, you are welcome to post them in the private Facebook group, and email me.

If the question relates to the UMAD Course Beta Launch, you are still welcome to email me, and all of that information is shared with you, in your onboarding to the U Make a Difference Self-Discovery Space.

There is about an hour and a half of videos with essential information for you to explore before you start your course adventure.

The DISC Behavioral Approaches And Me course is just over 9 hours in video time, this is excluding the time to be taken with the activities.

The Sensory Processing Styles And Me course is just over 6 hours in video time, also excluding the time taken to do the activities.

I would love to have people completing both of these courses, as your feedback is valuable.

This is the space where you are introduced to the world of U Make a Difference, and the courses being offered. It is where you get to journey your adventure or the U Make a Difference course and courses.

Ideally I would like to have people choosing both of the courses and completingthem, for the purpose of getting feedback for both courses.

If UMAD Course Beta Launch Members choose the same course to complete, I will come back and ask for volunteers to complete the other course.

This Invitation Is For You And Only A Select Few

Join me and other soul adventurers and become a member of the UMAD Course Beta Launch and explore aspects of your communication, not just in what you say, do and express externally, but dive beneath the surface to understand the processes influencing what you say and do and grow your ability to influence your interactions and life even more consciously and powerfully.

Make a Difference To U And Experience The Difference U Make With Others

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