Communicate in a way that FAST TRACKS people GETTING YOU, FOSTERS INCLUSIVITY, and CREATES AUTHENTIC CONNECTIONS with a wide range of people …

…when you understand diverse individuals and their unique communication processes you will capture attention, spark engagement, and ensure they not only grasp it but retain it

Sensory Processing Styles


Elevate And Transform The Span Of Your Communication!

Sensory Processing Styles

Is This You?

Despite your understanding of different personality and learning styles, you can still be LEFT FEELING CONFUSED AND LOST BECAUSE OF of how certain individual’s share information and give directions. Sometimes leaving you questioning if you are from the same planet.

And NO MATTER HOW CONSCIOUS YOU ARE OF WHAT AND HOW YOU COMMUNICATE INFORMATION, you still experience individuals who miss crucial pieces of information, misinterpret your messages and at times do the opposite of what was intended.

And when working alongside certain individuals, the differences you have in what you focus on, how you interpret what is to be done and how to approach tasks are SO VASTLY DIFFERENT that they can LEAD TO TENSION, FRUSTRATION, and even occasional CONFLICTS.

You’re searching for answers because you’re left questioning

Why aren't we on the SAME WAVELENGTH?

Why don't people GET what I am saying?

What do i have to do to help them understand?

Sensory Processing Styles


you're not alone in this!



PEOPLE ARE DIFFERENT IN SO MANY WAYS including how they take in, process and communicate information

It’s not just you that struggles with this – it’s everyone.

And the likelihood is, the way you present, deliver and communicate information is in the way that is most familiar to you in your world – your preferred way

You understand what you are saying, so why don’t others?

Because the senses they use to process information differ from yours…

Sensory Processing Styles
Sensory Processing Styles


…people tune out, get frustrated and find it hard to understand one another…

Because each individual responds best to what is easiest for them…

especially when it comes to what captures their attention, their preferred way of receiving and exploring information, understanding and remembering things

When you figure out a person's sensory processing style, you can align with how they process information and the world

You can adapt your communication to nurture their ability to engage, absorb WHAT YOU ARE SAYING, GRASP CONCEPTs, and respond with ease

imagine the impact and ease of your interactions

And you know what? You will understand their way of sharing, the language they use, the types of questions they ask, and many of their nuances

That’s where the Sensory Processing Styles and Me adventure comes in

It’s all about you deep diving into your preferred processing style and understanding how others roll too, exploring where you have opportunities to unleash more of your senses and build connections between the different sensory worlds.

Hi, I'm Melinda

I can’t emphasize enough the value of understanding and working with people’s different sensory processing styles. In my 25 years of facilitating and training, it’s been the key to connecting, reaching, and truly comprehending others.

Before I was aware of sensory processing styles, I wondered why I struggled with how some people communicated with me. I could not get my head around the way they shared information, how they missed information out, the descriptors they used, even the words they used and especially the way they put it across. 

I would get frustrated, impatient and judgemental.

I was intolerant of the differences in how others perceived, interpreted and processed the world.

So I focused on understanding the differences and expanding my ability to access all of the sensory processing approaches, not just relying on my preferred style. This allowed me to effortlessly adapt my communication to match how others best received and processed information.

What was exciting was, my interactions became so much more meaningful, productive, and transformative. Plus, I became way more accepting and compassionate towards others.

And you know what? I even found myself able to step into the world of those who others couldn’t understand. By embracing their unique way of processing information, I found myself communicating with people in a truly distinctive and almost spiritual way.

Melinda Cates

How aware are you of...

  • what grabs your attention, and KEEPS YOU ENGAGED?
  • your favorite way of being communicated with?
  • how you take in and absorb information?
  • the way you process information, MAKE SENSE OF IT and give it meaning?
  • how you share your take on things?


Think about the speedier learning, richer exploration, and supercharged communication that could unfold.

Now, imagine the game-changing potential in your everyday interactions, improved communication, stronger relationships, collaboration, productivity, and empathy

Who me?

Sensory Processing Styles And Me Is The Pathway To Achieving This


Deep Dive...

…into the different stages OF INFORMATION PROCESSING individuals experience, AND unravel the profound impact that sensory processing styles have on each of these stages


…THE DIFFERENT SENSORY PROCESSING STYLES, their unique characteristics, and discoverY OF how they beautifully complement one another


…into and gain insight into THE distinctive ways each sensory processing style uniquely tackles absorbing, processing, and sharing information


…your ability TO SPOT AND IDENTIFY THE unique CHARACTERISTICS OF EACH STYLE and develop strategies to flexibly adapt your approach TO CONNECT with them


…A VOCABULARY toolkit, equipped with the right words, QUESTIONS and approaches to engage, connect, and convey your messages in a way that resonates with each individual style


…A DEEPER UNDERSTANDING AND APPRECIATION OF  your preferred style, personal strengths and uncover ways to tap into your full sensory potential

What you receive on your adventure...

◼️ 9 powerful modules

◼️ 50+ impactful video trainings that feel like 1:1’s

◼️ 20+ limited edition workbooks that are downloadable, and editable

◼️ Bonus videos – to maximize your journey

◼️ Exclusive and lifetime access for the lifetime of the course




What Aida has to say...

“I recently took Melinda's course and was thoroughly impressed. Her expertise and passion for the subject matter were immediately apparent, and her teaching style was engaging and effective. Melinda's dedication to providing valuable knowledge and support to her students is truly remarkable.

I am really happy with the impact it has had on my life and relationships. It helped me understand myself better and take advantage of my preferred processing styles in my life and business. It has also been very helpful to improve my relationships and understanding of others around me. Especially learning to be more patient and open-minded with others around me with different processing styles and making the most out of my relationships.

This course will help you understand your own language processing style and more importantly, how to better communicate with others who have different styles.

You'll feel confident and empowered to improve your communication skills and build stronger relationships with those around you, not only personal relationships but also business-wise. Whether you're looking to improve your personal relationships, advance your career, or simply become a more effective communicator, I’d recommend this course - not as an expense but as a personal investment that will pay endless dividends in all areas of your life. Thank you, Melinda, for your knowledge and empathic approach - I can’t wait to continue learning from you.”

Got Questions? I've Got Answers

There is information and approaches in the course that I know you will have not yet come across.

There may be familiar information, yet it will be communicated differently.

The course is an opportunity for you to be more aware of what you know, apply the approaches you have not applied, and gain distinctions and further insights into yourself and others.

Yes. You can start, access and finish the course when you like.

You can always reach out and ask me questions.

Your purchase of the course provides you with access to the course online and the workbooks, for the lifetime of the course.

Whilst the course is still available online, you will receive access to it.

You have access to any updates to the course. If circumstances change that impact the lifetime of the course you will be provided with notice of the changes.

Make sure you read the terms of service and the refund policy, so you are informed of your decision.

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If there are any issues with the product, do reach out, and I will do what I can to resolve your issue because you deserve that.

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