If you experience this, you are not alone, and there is so much you can discover that you can do to change this...
Express Yourself More Powerfully
The more you come to know and understand all the elements that influence your communication, the more intentional and powerful you are in expressing yourself and the difference in the footprint you create in your interactions is magical
Connect With, Understand and Support Others To Express Who They are
You have the ability to make a difference in your interactions with others, and to support others to make a difference to themselves.
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When you make a difference to yourself, and express more of who you are, you facilitate a difference in your interactions and relationships U Make a Difference

Welcome To U Make a Difference

A space for individuals who love self-discovery, and want to facilitate interactions lacking in respect, depth and transparency, into powerful soul connected conversations that are real and meaningful

And as an individual, who is a partner, a friend, a family member, a parent, a facilitator, a coach, an emerging leader or a manager, you have untapped potential within you, processes you are not accessing and fully utilizing as well as skills for you to develop so that you not only understand people, you know them and you know how to approach and communicate with them.

You know the processes that influence their communication, how they absorb and process information, why they only share what they share, the reasoning for the responses they give. Your confidence grows, you are clearer, more trusting and empowered which fosters greater acceptance, understanding and objectivity in you, with others. And you facilitate growth and expansion in yourself and in your interactions with other people.

This is a space that provides the resources and approaches so that you can grow your ability to make a real and magical difference to your interactions and relationships.


You Can Create A Powerful And Impressionable Footprint When You Harness The Key Influences Of Your Communication


My Potential

Where I am similar and different to others, in how I approach things, how I absorb and process information and communicate it, is where I have potential.

These are elements of me that I am not fully utilizing, that I have not tapped into and am not expressing.

My Influence

My Influence

Who I am, the processes, my processing, qualities and attributes are the key influences of my approach with others. And whether I impose my process on them or not.

How I am with myself, is reflected in how I am with others when I interact with them.

My Ability

My Ability

The skills I have that I can develop to grow the influence and impact I have and can have in my interactions.

The tangible and unseen elements of my communication I can tap into. What I can do to facilitate connection, openness, acceptance, sharing and growth.

The Roles I Fulill

The roles and responsibilities that I fulfil have an influence on my communication and the nature of my interactions. Understanding, valuing and appreciating the impact of what I do and why, guides me to know what and how to neutralize my impacts and enhance my influence.

My Expression

My Expression

I know 'the right way' to approach and communicate with others.
I know what is the right thing to do in how I express myself.

This requires me to go to deeper levels of truth with myself to connect to the fundamentals of rightness and goodness within me. The spiritual guidelines for me to operate by.

My Approach

My Approach

My approach incorporates all that has lead me to this space. My processing way, the qualities, skills and fundamentals of what, why and how I communicate.

And this guides me to know the approach to take for the nature of the interaction. And facilitation is at the heart of my approaches.

My Interaction

My Difference

Applying what I know, living by it and continuing to grow and develop. For me to see, hear and feel where I do things differently, where my interactions are different, and the connections I experience are more powerful and valuable.

Constantly evolving my ability to make a difference in my interactions

U Make a Difference To Me

The Difference U Make To Me

My interactions are not a one way process, that is why I know it is important I recognize the influence and difference others have made to me and my interactions. What I learn, what I discover about me and other people through the process of our interaction.

Honoring the difference another makes to me.

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