Develop Your Ability To Self-Facilitate
Self-facilitation is a way of life, that empowers you with awareness, insight and ability to work with your own and others processes and processing
Grow Your Awareness and Understanding of People and their Processing
We live with, we interact with, we work with people so understanding people, their processes and processing is essential to facilitation, self-facilitation and life.

When you facilitate another person to make a difference to themselves U Make a Difference

Welcome To U Make a Difference

You may be a facilitator, a coach, a mentor, a trainer, a teacher, an emerging leader, a manager, a parent, or an individual that wants develop your ability to facilitate other people and yourself.

This is a space that provides the resources and approaches so that you can grow your ability to facilitate the process of other people, and their processing of the process, so that they make a real and sustainable difference to themselves, their families, their workplaces and their lives.



Facilitator Qualities

There are key qualities that are essential to be a powerful Facilitator, qualities that are natural to you, but that require conscious expression and expansion.



Develop your ability to facilitate individuals and groups to navigate their process and their processing in the process, so that they make a difference to who they are individually and as a group collectively.

Different people

Understanding Others

Understanding the different human processes, behaviors, processing, emotions and styles a facilitator is required to work with, gives depth, value and potency to your facilitation

Preparing and Delivering

Preparing the structure, yourself and the environment so that you can deliver your facilitation effectively is essential not just for the outcomes of the interaction, but for the fulfillment of your responsibility as a facilitator

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