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U Make a Difference

Influence Greater Ease And Connection In Your Personal And Professional Relationships

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Discover Your Similarities And Differences To Others,  By Understanding YOUR BEHAVIORS, PROCESSING STYLES, AND WAYS OF COMMUNICATING …

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Did I Mention This Was During One Conversation With One Person 

Sound Familiar Personally And Or Professionally?

Here's what you can do

Explore your own and others’ behavioral approaches, communication and processing styles so that you…

U Make a Difference


Own Your Part In Them And Do Something Different

No More Experiencing…

  • DISCONNECTION in your relationships
  • Frustration with people not getting you and understanding you
  • Resistance and pushback to your suggestions and what you say
  • The BURDEN OF RESPONSIBILITY for sorting out issues in your interactions
  • Being communicated AT rather than WITH
  • People getting frustrated with you because of what and how you communicate
  • Feeling powerless to influence your connection with others
  • PERSONALIZING AND FEELING EMOTIONAL about what happens in your interactions
U Make a Difference

 3 Powerful Self-Paced Courses For The Price Of 1!  

You have natural processing, behavioral, and communication abilities that you still need to utilize.

You have conditioned approaches in these areas that are not natural to you that you can unlearn.


Welcome To The Authentic Communication Bundle!



First Course

DISC Behavioral Approaches And Me

  • Explore 4 behavioral approaches that every human is capable of but does not often express
  • Understand how conditioning and experiences taught you to express certain behavioral traits over others
  • Delve into why you have preferences and are accepting of some people’s ‘way of communicating’ and are not accepting of others
  • Appreciate how your judgments of people’s behaviors, are a reflection of your judgments of yourself
  • Understand what drives behaviors, so you understand why others do and say what they do
  • Develop your ability to be more responsive to people, so you create interactions of connection
  • Discover more about you, the potential you have, and grow your acceptance of you4

Second Course

Sensory Processing Styles And Me

  • Immerse yourself in the 4 prominent sensory processing ways for absorbing, processing, and expressing information
  • Explore how you naturally can access and work with all of the sensory processing styles
  • Identify where conditioning and experiences have influenced the senses you choose to utilize and what for
  • Explore how misunderstanding and frustration occur between the different styles, based on  nature how information is expressed and shared
  • Understand the uniqueness of each communication style so you communicate in ways that people will respond to
  • Release any resistance and need to be understood, so you are more open, responsive, and understanding
Sensory Processing Styles
Active and Reflective Processing And Me

Third Course

Active and Reflective Processing And Me

  • The depth, speed, and expressiveness of your response to people and situations are what is explored here
  • Assumptions, misunderstanding, impatience, intimidation and overwhelm are key reactions to the differences in processing between these two processing ways
  • Understand the reason for the differences in the processing ways so you are more empathetic toward others
  • Identify the benefits and beauty of each processing way, and  appreciate their value
  • Grow your ability to access and work with both processing ways so that your growth is more effective and powerful

Curious To Know What Is Included?

DISC Behavioral Approaches And Me

  • 8 training modules  intentionally designed to support your understanding of the behavioral process
  • Steps to take to express more of what is natural to you
  • Approaches to support you to be responsive to different behavioral approaches
  • Guidance to explore your conditioned behaviors and what is natural to you so you access more of your potential
  • Worksheets and workbooks to support you in deepening your understanding of each behavioral approach, identify the traits you access and express and grow your ability to identify other people’s behavioral approaches

Sensory Processing Styles And Me

  • 9 training modules for you to explore and grow your familiarity with each of the sensory processing styles
  • Approaches to enhance your ability to absorb, process, and communicate information effectively
  • Approaches to effectively identify other people’s processing styles and how to communicate with them to support connection and understanding
  • Guidance to explore your conditioned sensory processing styles and what is natural to you
  • Workbooks to support the growth of your ability to work with sensory processing styles

Active And Reflective Processing And Me

  • 6 training modules that delve into the nature of the processing ways and their differences
  • Approaches for how to connect with each processing way, to support their engagement and interaction
  • Approaches to manage your emotional reactions to how each processing way expresses themself
  • Guidance as to the approaches to take to work with other people when they are reacting to active and reflective processing
  • Worksheets and workbooks to support you in exploring your processing and for you to refer back to

An Amazing Opportunity!

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⚫️ Sensory Processing Styles And Me (US $775)

⚫️ Active And Reflective Processing And Me (US $750)

⚫️ Bonus Videos (US $315)

⚫️ Life time access to the life of the courses




It Is In Your Hands To Influence The Change!

Autumn embraced the course as the gentle nudge that gave her the affirmation that it was time for her to start making changes and stop putting them off.
DISC - Autumn Heyman


“Before enrolling in the DISC Behavioral Approaches course, I was feeling a lot of disconnect in both my personal and professional relationships. In my frustration, I began to realize the disconnection I was feeling within myself too. I felt segmentation within the different areas of my life and began to realize how it was affecting my emotional and physical health.

By my 2nd week in, I was already becoming more aware of my own behavioral cues and how others might be receiving them. It gave me permission to really show more of my authentic self in situations. I anticipated others behavioral styles and was able to focus more on the communication (and the person) and get less caught up in a particular result—which actually made the experiences flow so much better.

I have so much gratitude for Melinda and this course—all of the thoughtfulness, care, and expertise she pours in is truly remarkable. There is just so much more ease and rhythm within all of the different hats I wear in life. I feel more connected to myself and have a deeper appreciation for all of my unique traits. In my interactions with others and in my relationships, I am really beginning to see and appreciate how others are processing too. Having that level of understanding really helps me navigate my day-to-day with far less obstacles and reframe my own behaviors so that I can communicate authentically, but with so much less frustration.”

U Make a Difference

I love human processes and processing...

I remember the reaction I felt in the first week of a new job, where I said “Hi” and “Good morning” to my new boss each morning, and all I got was a grunt from him.

It wasn’t until some months later when I was introduced to the DISC model, that I started to understand why he responded that way.

I was able to stop seeing his response as a rejection of me and see it for what it was – his preferred behavioral approach. I became aware of how to approach him so that our communication was fluid, open, and effective.

What a relief.

That was just the starting point of what has been decades of fascination and exploration into how humans are different and similar in their processingbehaviors, communication, and many other ways. 

Throughout the years of facilitating face-to-face training, my understanding of the different ways people process, behave and communicate was the backbone for why I was able to walk beside so many people effectively. People from different backgrounds, cultures, ages, socioeconomic situations, and organisational roles.

For me personally, knowing how the people in my life process and approach things supported me in accepting and appreciating them for who they are.

I wish this for you too.

Melinda Cates

You Have Questions... I Have Answers...

I cannot answer this question for you; however, I can share my experience with you.

You can gain more insight into yourself and other people at a deeper and more powerful level by exploring these processes.

You will have a number of ‘ah ha’ moments and not only feel change happening but also experience it in your interactions.

These courses are simple in dealing with fundamental human processing elements.

They are invaluable in the awareness you will grow, the understanding you develop, and the approaches you will take, where you will find it easier to connect and interact with others.

I encourage you to follow what feels right for you; that is most important because the choice is yours

There is information and approaches in the courses that I know you will have yet to come across.

There may be familiar information, yet it will be communicated differently.

The courses are an opportunity for you to be more aware of what you know, apply the approaches you have not applied, and gain distinctions and further insights into yourself and others.

Yes. You can start and finish the courses when you like.

You can always reach out and ask me questions.

Your purchase of the courses provides you with access to the courses online and the workbooks, for the lifetime of the courses.

Whilst the courses are still available online, you will receive access to them.

You have access to any updates to the courses. And if circumstances change that impact the lifetime of the courses you will be provided with notice of the changes.

Make sure you read the terms of service and the refund policy, so you are informed of your decision.

The purchase of these courses is final, and no refunds will be given. Consideration of this is reflected in the price and the quality of the products provided.

If there are any issues with the products, do reach out, and I will do what I can to resolve them because you deserve that.

If you have questions that relate to the content of any of these three courses or U Make a Difference services, products and offers, or questions about me, please feel free to email me on melinda@globallymad.com

Take Your Understanding Of Yourself And Others To Another Level....

Increase your awareness, DEEPEN YOUR UNDERSTANDING and resource yourself with approaches, so you INFLUENCE A SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE IN YOUR INTERACTIONS

U Make a Difference

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