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Behavioral Approaches
Behavioral Approaches

The Value Of Understanding Different Behavioral Approaches

In the dynamic world of relationships, behaviors play a crucial role in shaping how we perceive and interact with others. They provide us with valuable insights into a person’s thoughts, emotions, and intentions, ultimately influencing our responses and even emotional reactions. However, it is important to recognize that interpreting behaviors is not always straightforward. Let me share a personal story that perfectly encapsulates the impact of behaviors that were experienced in the workplace. At a

Essential Beliefs For Presonal Growth and Facilitation

Essential Beliefs For Personal Growth and Facilitation

Beliefs form the foundation of our approaches, communication, and behaviors. They are the ‘why’ behind our actions, shaping our intentions and influencing how we see, hear, and feel. There exist foundational beliefs for personal growth and facilitation that serve as guiding beacons, illuminating your growth journey and enhancing interactions with others. In the realm of facilitation, our beliefs are crucial as they impact every aspect of the process, evident in our approach and interactions.  However,

The Power of Facilitation

Facilitation The Essential Approach For Human Interaction

DISCOVERING THE POWER OF FACILITATION At the end of the third day of the I Make a Difference (IMAD) persoal development program, Mariaan was so excited to get home. She wanted to ‘tell’ her teenage children what they needed to do for their personal growth. The morning of the fourth day of IMAD, she shared with me and the group how her enthusiasm to share her growth with her teenagers had resulted in them shutting

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